Saturday, 9 November 2013

We Need To Know!

Welcome To 'A Bristol Scandal'

In these times of very public corruption and global scandal, local wrong-doings seem to go unnoticed. Unless the scandal involves a celebrity, a wealthy banker and tens of millions, no-one is interested.

The aim of this blog is to uncover scandals at a local level, bring them to the attention of the people of Bristol and put pressure on the authorities to do something about it!

So how will it work? At the moment, I have no idea how much interest there will be. If, like me, you are fed up with the minor (and not-so-minor) transgressions around us and you believe that we still have the power to change things in our own world, then get in touch. Lets investigate these issues and most importantly, make the information widely available to other like-minded people. At the very least, its a chance to vent some spleen ..... but we just might make a difference!



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